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RESGRaph Pro


RESGraph Pro composition and purpose:

    ResGraph Pro - main program meant for data storage, visualisation, processing and analysis;
    ResScopeOPC - program for visualisation of the signals received from OPC-servers by interface OPC DA in a oscillograph mode;
    ResFTP Client - FTP-client for reception and transfer of files with data;
    Res Calculator - the calculator in a string form, for calculation of mathematical expressions.

RESGraph Pro

Basic functions:

Signals measurement:
    momentary values;
    average values;
    root-mean-square values;
Time measurement:
Signals scrolling and zooming;
Adding/removing values marks, time marks, time lags marks;
Creating signals groups;
Creating of calculated signals on the basis of arithmetic expression;
Graphics creation on the data generated in manual mode or pasted from clipboard;
Signal filtering:
    Low-Pass Filter of moving average;
    Low-Pass Filter exponential;
    High-Pass Filter.
Export picture in different graphics formats (bmp,jpeg,svg...);
Data export:
Import data from Matlab;
Spectrum analyzer;
Preview and print;
Save signals to a file after processing.

File manipulation:

For processing signals with RESGraph Pro data should be presented in one of following formats:
    RPR-format - allows to save data received from analog-to-digital converters (ADC). Supports an integral type of data (the size of one record - short, 2 bytes) for all analog signals.
    MPR-format - allows to save data with type instructions on each analog signal. Supports data types: short, float, double. The given format is convenient for using for storage of signals values in any engineering units which are not requiring conversion.

The detailed description of formats is in a file "RESFileFormat.pdf".

Tabular data:

Program RESGraph Pro can be used for review, storage and processing of the tabular data generated in manual mode or added through the clipboard, for example from Microsoft Excel. For creation of tabular data "Graphics creation wizard..." is used. Graphics can be saved in a file for the further processing.


Basic functions:

   The embedded client for work with OPS-SERVERS (search of OPS-SERVERS on the local and remote computer, a choice of any set of tags and group formation, a data access of the chosen tags, saving and display of parametres of OPS-SERVERS);
   Data visualization (display of tags of the OPS-SERVER in an oscillograph mode with the set frequency of interrogation, setting prehistory size, formation of graphics groups with a binding to different axes of values, a fast choice of a graphics display mode: the general axis of values or individual axes, change of graphics colour and style);
   Data processing (measurement of signals values, measurement of time intervals, scaling and scrolling of signals);
   Formation of archive of files with data for the further processing in program ResGraph Pro;
   Graphics print in the set scale.

For program testing were used the OPC-server from various manufacturers of hardware and OPC-simulators. Here you can download OPC-simulator:

ResFTP Client

Basic functions:

Copying of the selected files and directories from a FTP-server;
Loading of files on a FTP-server;
Deletion of files and directories from a FTP-server;
Directory creation on a FTP-server;
Filename editing.


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